Name Title(s) Email
Ariel Aloe Associate Professor - Psych & Quant Foundations ariel-aloe@uiowa.edu
Michael Altemeier Lecturer - Business Analytics michael-altemeier@uiowa.edu
Brad A Amendt Professor - Dental Research brad-amendt@uiowa.edu
Palani Andiappan Adjunct Instructor - Computer Science palani-andiappan@uiowa.edu
Michael Apicella Professor Emeritus - Microbiology and Internal Medicine michael-apicella@uiowa.edu
Marc P Armstrong Professor - Geogra&Sustainability Sci marc-armstrong@uiowa.edu
Jose G Assouline Adjunct Associate Professor - Biomedical Engineering jose-assouline@uiowa.edu
Cassie L Barnhardt Associate Professor - Educ policy and leadershi cassie-barnhardt@uiowa.edu
Reinhard R Beichel Professor - Electrical-Computer Engin reinhard-beichel@uiowa.edu
David A Bennett Professor - Geogra&Sustainability Sci david-bennett@uiowa.edu
Alison Bianchi Associate Professor - Sociology alison-bianchi@uiowa.edu
Antonio Bianchi Assistant Professor - Computer Science antonio-bianchi@uiowa.edu
Frederick J Boehmke Professor - Political Science frederick-boehmke@uiowa.edu
Nicholas A Bowman Professor - Educ policy and leadershi nick-bowman@uiowa.edu
Terry A Braun Professor - Biomedical Engineering terry-braun@uiowa.edu
Kim A Brogden Professor - Dental Research kim-brogden@uiowa.edu
Grant D Brown Assistant Professor - Biostatistics grant-brown@uiowa.edu
Christopher T Buresh Clinical Professor - Emergency Med christopher-buresh@uiowa.edu
Shelly Campo Associate Dean - Graduate College-Admin & shelly-campo@uiowa.edu
Guadalupe M Canahuate Associate Professor - Electrical-Computer Engin guadalupe-canahuate@uiowa.edu
Lee Carmen Associate VP and CIO - Health Care Information Systems lee-carmen@uiowa.edu
Gregory R Carmichael Professor - Chemical & Biochem Engine gregory-carmichael@uiowa.edu
Ryan M Carnahan Professor - Epidemiology ryan-carnahan@uiowa.edu
Lucas Carr Associate Professor - Health & Human Physiology lucas-carr@uiowa.edu
Margaret Carrel Professor - Geography margaret-carrel@uiowa.edu
Thomas Casavant Professor - Center Bioinformatics Computational Biology tomc@iowa.uiowa.edu
Joe E Cavanaugh Professor - Biostatistics joe-cavanaugh@uiowa.edu
Yong Chen Professor - Industrial Engineering yong-chen@uiowa.edu
Nai-Ching Chi Assistant Professor - Nursing nai-ching-chi@uiowa.edu
Octav Chipara Associate Professor - Computer Science octav-chipara@uiowa.edu
Omar Chowdhury Assistant Professor omar-chowdhury@uiowa.edu
Elizabeth A Chrischilles Professor - Epidemiology e-chrischilles@uiowa.edu
Gary E Christensen Professor - Electrical-Computer Engin gary-christensen@uiowa.edu
Josep Comeron Professor - Biology josep-comeron@uiowa.edu
Charles Connerly Professor - Urban and Regional Planning charles-connerly@uiowa.edu
Thomas Cook Professor - Ponseti International thomas-cook@uiowa.edu
Mary Kathryn Cowles Professor - Statistics & Actuarial Sc kate-cowles@uiowa.edu
James F Cremer Professor - Computer Science james-cremer@uiowa.edu
John Cromwell Clinical Professor - Surgery john-cromwell@uiowa.edu
Donna M D'Alessandro Professor - Pediatrics donna-dalessandro@uiowa.edu
Michael D'Alessandro Professor - Radiology michael-dalessandro@uiowa.edu
Scott R Daly Associate Professor - Chemistry scott-daly@uiowa.edu
Peter Damiano Professor - Public Policy Center peter-damiano@uiowa.edu
Matthew P Dannenberg Assistant Professor - Geogra&Sustainability Sci matthew-dannenberg@uiowa.edu
Benjamin Darbro Assistant Professor - Medical Genetics benjamin-darbro@uiowa.edu
Isabel K Darcy Associate Professor - Mathematics isabel-darcy@uiowa.edu
Brandon S J Davies Associate Professor - Biochemistry brandon-davies@uiowa.edu
Deborah V Dawson Professor - Dental Research deborah-dawson@uiowa.edu
Ibrahim Demir Assistant Professor - Civil-Environmental Engin ibrahim-demir@uiowa.edu
Casey T DeRoo Assistant Professor - Physics & Astronomy casey-deroo@uiowa.edu
Benjamin M Devane Assistant Professor - Psych & Quant Foundations benjamin-devane@uiowa.edu
Franklin Dexter Professor - Anesthesia franklin-dexter@uiowa.edu
Bryce Dietrich Assistant Professor bryce-dietrich@uiowa.edu
Paul C Dilley Associate Professor - Religious Studies paul-dilley@uiowa.edu
Ahmet U Dogan - Chemical & Biochem Engine umran-dogan@uiowa.edu
John Donelson Professor - Biochemistry john-donelson@uiowa.edu
Karen Dunn Lopez Director of Research for the Center for Nursing Classification and Clinical Effectiveness karen-dunn-lopez@uiowa.edu
David A Eichmann Associate Professor - Library & Info Science david-eichmann@uiowa.edu
John Engelhardt Professor - Anatomy and Cell Biology john-engelhardt@uiowa.edu
Albert Erives Associate Professor - Biology albert-erives@uiowa.edu
Mary B Fasano Clinical Professor - Internal Medicine mary-fasano@uiowa.edu
Jan S Fassler Professor - Biology jan-fassler@uiowa.edu
Nathan Fethke Associate Professor - Occupational and Environmental Health nathan-fethke@uiowa.edu
Elizabeth Field Professor - Internal Medicine elizabeth-field@uiowa.edu
William Field Professor - Occupational and Environmental Health bill-field@uiowa.edu
Carrie Figdor Professor - Philosophy carrie-figdor@uiowa.edu
Andrew A Forbes Associate Professor - Biology andrew-forbes@uiowa.edu
Charles Foster Professor - GeoScience tom-foster@uiowa.edu
Laurence Fuortes Professor - Occupational and Environmental Health laurence-fuortes@uiowa.edu
Kenneth Gayley Associate Professor - Physics & Astronomy kenneth-gayley@uiowa.edu
Sukumar Ghosh Professor Emeritus - Computer Science sukumar-ghosh@uiowa.edu
Eric Gidal Professor - English eric-gidal@uiowa.edu
George J Giudice - ompany 2 george-giudice@uiowa.edu
Jesus Gonzalez Bosquet Assistant Professor - Obstetrics/Gynecology jesus-gonzalezbosquet@uiowa.edu
Colin Gordon Professor - History colin-gordon@uiowa.edu
Michihiko Goto Assistant Professor - Internal Medicine michihiko-goto@uiowa.edu
Paul Gowder Professor - Political Science paul-gowder@uiowa.edu
Justin Grobe Associate Professor justin-grobe@uiowa.edu
Ruth Grossmann Adjunct Assistant Professor - Nursing ruth-grossmann@uiowa.edu
Hillel Haim Assistant Professor - Microbiology & Immunology hillel-haim@uiowa.edu
Marlan R Hansen Professor - Otolaryngology-Head & Nec marlan-hansen@uiowa.edu
Timothy J Havens Professor - Communication Studies timothy-havens@uiowa.edu
Bin He Assistant Professor - Biology bin-he@uiowa.edu
Bin He Assistant Professor - Biology bin-he@uiowa.edu
Marta J Hemmingson-Van Beek Clinical Professor - Dermatology marta-vanbeek@uiowa.edu
Ted Herman Professor Emeritus - Internal Medicine ted-herman@uiowa.edu
Richard D Hichwa Snr Assoc VP for Research - Research Administration richard-hichwa@uiowa.edu
Eric Hoffman Professor - Radiology eric-hoffman@uiowa.edu
Liu Hong Professor - Dental Research liu-hong@uiowa.edu
Keri C Hornbuckle Professor - Civil-Environmental Engin keri-hornbuckle@uiowa.edu
Juan Pablo Hourcade Associate Professor - Computer Science juanpablo-hourcade@uiowa.edu
Brian Howe Clinical Assistant Professor - Dental Clinic Administrat brian-howe@uiowa.edu
Yuan Huang Research Associate - Biostatistics yuan-huang@uiowa.edu
Mathews Jacob Professor - Electrical-Computer Engin mathews-jacob@uiowa.edu
Patrick J Johanns Assoc Professor of Instruction - Business Analytics patrick-johanns@uiowa.edu
Hans J Johnson Associate Professor - Electrical-Computer Engin hans-johnson@uiowa.edu
David A Katz Associate Professor - Internal Medicine david-katz@uiowa.edu
Alan R Kay Professor - Biology alan-kay@uiowa.edu
David J Kean david-kean@uiowa.edu
Joseph K Kearney Professor - Computer Science joe-kearney@uiowa.edu
John Kemp Professor - Pathology john-kemp@uiowa.edu
Andrew Kitchen Assistant Professor - Anthropology andrew-kitchen@uiowa.edu
Aloysius Klingelhutz Associate Professor - Microbiology and Radiation Oncology al-klingelhutz@uiowa.edu
Caglar Koylu Assistant Professor - Geogra&Sustainability Sci caglar-koylu@uiowa.edu
Witold F Krajewski Professor - Civil-Environmental Engin witold-krajewski@uiowa.edu
David M Kristensen - Biomedical Engineering david-kristensen@uiowa.edu
Andrew Kusiak Professor - Mechanical and Industrial Engineering andrew-kusiak@uiowa.edu
Anne E Kwitek - Neurosci & Pharmacology anne-kwitek@uiowa.edu
Daniel Lathrop - Journalism & Mass Communi daniel-lathrop@uiowa.edu
Brandon C LeBeau Assistant Professor - Psych & Quant Foundations brandon-lebeau@uiowa.edu
Tong Li Professor - Mathematics tong-li@uiowa.edu
Jim Lin Professor - Biology jim-lin@uiowa.edu
Qihang Lin Associate Professor - Business Analytics qihang-lin@uiowa.edu
Marc A Linderman Associate Professor - Geogra&Sustainability Sci marc-linderman@uiowa.edu
Yang Liu Associate Professor yang-liu-ece@uiowa.edu
Yang Liu Associate Professor - Electrical-Computer Engin yang-liu-ece@uiowa.edu
John Logsdon Associate Professor - Biology john-logsdon@uiowa.edu
Freda Lynn Associate Professor - Sociology freda-lynn@uiowa.edu
Michael Mackey Associate Professor - Biomedical Engineering and Pathology michael-mackey@uiowa.edu
George Malanson Professor - Geography george-malanson@uiowa.edu
John Manak Associate Professor - Biology john-manak@uiowa.edu
Claudio J Margulis Professor - Chemistry claudio-margulis@uiowa.edu
Kristian E Markon Research Scientist/Engineer - Psychological Brain Sci kristian-markon@uiowa.edu
Sara E Mason Associate Professor - Chemistry sara-mason@uiowa.edu
Timothy E Mattes Professor - Civil-Environmental Engin tim-mattes@uiowa.edu
Bryant McAllister Associate Professor - Biology bryant-mcallister@uiowa.edu
Bryant F McAllister Associate Professor - Biology bryant-mcallister@uiowa.edu
Ann M McCarthy Professor - Nursing ann-mccarthy@uiowa.edu
Paul McCray Professor - Pediatrics(Allergy, Immunology, and Pulmonary) & Microbiology paul-mccray@uiowa.edu
Michelle R McQuistan Associate Professor - Preventive & Community De michelle-mcquistan@uiowa.edu
Saul Mekies Adjunct Lecturer - Mgmt & Entrepreneurship saul-mekies@uiowa.edu
Elizabeth J Menninga Assistant Professor - Political Science elizabeth-menninga@uiowa.edu
Jacob J Michaelson Associate Professor - Psychiatry jacob-michaelson@uiowa.edu
Aaron Miller Assistant Professor aaron-miller@uiowa.edu
Aaron C Miller Assistant Professor - Epidemiology aaron-miller@uiowa.edu
Colleen C Mitchell Associate Professor - Mathematics colleen-mitchell@uiowa.edu
Syed Mubeen Assistant Professor - Chemical & Biochem Engine syed-mubeen@uiowa.edu
Brandon D Myers Lecturer - Computer Science brandon-d-myers@uiowa.edu
Prakash Nadkarni Research Professor - Internal Medicine prakash-nadkarni@uiowa.edu
Kenneth G Nepple Clinical Associate Professor - Urology kenneth-nepple@uiowa.edu
Chaoqun Ni - Library & Info Science chaoqun-ni@uiowa.edu
Rishab Nithyanand Assistant Professor - Computer Science rishab-nithyanand@uiowa.edu
Bailey Noble Adjunct Lecturer - Nursing bailey-noble@uiowa.edu
Andrew Norris Associate Professor - Pediatrics and Biochemistry andrew-norris@uiowa.edu
Jeffrey Ohlmann Associate Professor - Management Sciences jeffrey-ohlmann@uiowa.edu
Suely P Oliveira Professor - Computer Science suely-oliveira@uiowa.edu
Yasar Onel Professor - Physics & Astronomy yasar-onel@uiowa.edu
Resmiye Oral Professor Emeritus - Pediatrics resmiye-oral@uiowa.edu
Gautam Pant Associate Professor - Business Analytics gautam-pant@uiowa.edu
Corinne Peek-Asa Professor - Occup & Environ Health corinne-peek-asa@uiowa.edu
Priyadarshini Pennathur Associate Professor - Industrial Engineering priyadarshini-pennathur@uiowa.edu
Thomas Peters Professor - Occupational and Environmental Health thomas-m-peters@uiowa.edu
Robert A Philibert Professor - Psychiatry robert-philibert@uiowa.edu
Kirk Phillips Adjunct Associate Professor - Epidemiology kirk-phillips@uiowa.edu
Kirk T Phillips Adjunct Associate Professor - HealthManagement & Policy kirk-phillips@uiowa.edu
Linnea Polgreen Assistant Professor - Pharmacy linnea-polgreen@uiowa.edu
Philip Polgreen Associate Professor - Internal Medicine and Epidemiology philip-polgreen@uiowa.edu
Andrew Pugely Assistant Professor - Orthopaedics and Rehab andrew-pugely@uiowa.edu
Jason Rantanen Professor - Law jason-rantanen@uiowa.edu
Kyle K Rector Assistant Professor - Computer Science kyle-rector@uiowa.edu
Daniel A Reed Professor - Electrical-Computer Engin dan-reed@uiowa.edu
Joseph M Reinhardt Professor - Biomedical Engineering joe-reinhardt@uiowa.edu
Marketa Rickley - Mgmt & Entrepreneurship marketa-rickley@uiowa.edu
Kevin Ripka Lecturer - Journalism & Mass Communi kevin-ripka@uiowa.edu
Jennifer G Robinson Professor - Epidemiology jennifer-g-robinson@uiowa.edu
Aliasger K Salem Professor - Pharm Sci & Exper Therap aliasger-salem@uiowa.edu
Heather Sander Assistant Professor - Geography heather-a-sander@uiowa.edu
Yutaka Sato Professor - Radiology yutaka-sato@uiowa.edu
Todd Scheetz Professor -Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences scheetzt@healthcare.uiowa.edu
Jerald Schnoor Professor - Civil and Environment Engineering jschnoor@iowa.uiowa.edu
Alberto Segre Professor - Computer Science alberto-segre@uiowa.edu
Daniel K Sewell Assistant Professor - Biostatistics daniel-sewell@uiowa.edu
Zubair Shafiq Adjunct Associate Professor - Computer Science zubair-shafiq@uiowa.edu
Scott K Shaw Associate Professor - Chemistry scott-k-shaw@uiowa.edu
Val Sheffield Professor - Pediatrics sheffieldv@healthcare.uiowa.edu
James Shepherd Assistant Professor james-shepherd@uiowa.edu
Yongren Shi Assistant Professor - Sociology and Criminology yongren-shi@uiowa.edu
Gregory H Shill Associate Professor - Law gregory-shill@uiowa.edu
Gen Shinozaki Associate Professor - Psychiatry gen-shinozaki@uiowa.edu
Jacob Simmering Assistant Professor - Internal Medicine jacob-simmering@uiowa.edu
Brian J Smith Professor - Biostatistics brian-j-smith@uiowa.edu
Hayden L Smith Adj Clinical Assoc Professor - Internal Medicine hayden-smith@uiowa.edu
Richard Smith Professor - Otolaryngology richard-smith@uiowa.edu
David Soll Professor - Biology david-soll@uiowa.edu
Frederick Solt Associate Professor - Political Science frederick-solt@uiowa.edu
Milan Sonka Professor - Electrical-Computer Engin milan-sonka@uiowa.edu
Scott N Spak Associate Professor - Sch of Plan & Pub Affairs scott-spak@uiowa.edu
Christopher Squier Professor - Oral Pathology, Radiology & Medicine christopher-squier@uiowa.edu
Padmini Srinivasan Professor - Computer Science padmini-srinivasan@uiowa.edu
Sanvesh Srivastava Assistant Professor - Statistics & Actuarial Sc sanvesh-srivastava@uiowa.edu
Mark Stamnes Associate Professor - Molec Physiology & Biophy mark-stamnes@uiowa.edu
Charles O Stanier Professor - Chemical & Biochem Engine charles-stanier@uiowa.edu
David E Stewart Professor - Mathematics david-e-stewart@uiowa.edu
Kathleen Stewart Adjunct Associate Professor - Geography kathleen-stewart@uiowa.edu
Edwin Stone Professor -Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences edwin-stone@uiowa.edu
Lane Strathearn Professor - Pediatrics lane-strathearn@uiowa.edu
Nick Street Associate Dean - Bus Admin - College nick-street@uiowa.edu
Aixin Tan Associate Professor - Statistics & Actuarial Sc aixin-tan@uiowa.edu
Kai Tan Associate Professor - Internal Medicine - Bioinformatics and Computational Biology kai-tan@uiowa.edu
Eric Tate Associate Professor - Geogra&Sustainability Sci eric-tate@uiowa.edu
Eric B Taylor Associate Professor - Molec Physiology & Biophy eric-taylor@uiowa.edu
Geb Thomas Professor - Mechanical and Industrial Engineering gthomas@engineering.uiowa.edu
Luke Tierney Professor - Statistics & Actuarial Sc luke-tierney@uiowa.edu
Cesare Tinelli Professor - Computer Science cesare-tinelli@uiowa.edu
Caroline J Tolbert Professor - Political Science caroline-tolbert@uiowa.edu
Fatima Toor Associate Professor - Electrical-Computer Engin fatima-toor@uiowa.edu
James C Torner Professor - Epidemiology james-torner@uiowa.edu
Daniel Tranel Professor - Neurology daniel-tranel@uiowa.edu
Carolyn L Turvey Professor - Psychiatry carolyn-turvey@uiowa.edu
Amanda J Van Horne Adjunct Associate Professor - Communic Sci & Disorders amanda-owen-vanhorne@uiowa.edu
Lea S Vandervelde Professor - Law l-vandervelde@uiowa.edu
Ion B Vasi Associate Professor - Mgmt & Entrepreneurship ion-vasi@uiowa.edu
Gabriele Villarini Professor - Civil-Environmental Engin gabriele-villarini@uiowa.edu
Boxiang Wang Assistant Professor - Statistics & Actuarial Sc boxiang-wang@uiowa.edu
Jun Wang Professor - Chemical & Biochem Engine jun-wang-1@uiowa.edu
Kai Wang Professor - Biostatistics kai-wang@uiowa.edu
Tong Wang Assistant Professor tong-wang@uiowa.edu
Marcia Ward Professor - Health Management and Policy marcia-m-ward@uiowa.edu
Larry J Weber Professor - Civil-Environmental Engin larry-weber@uiowa.edu
George J Weiner Professor - Internal Medicine george-weiner@uiowa.edu
Michael Welsh Professor - Internal Medicine michael-welsh@uiowa.edu
Jan R Wessel Associate Professor - Psychological Brain Sci jan-wessel@uiowa.edu
Jon Winet Professor Emeritus - Public Policy Center jon-winet@uiowa.edu
Xiaodong Wu Professor - Electrical and Computer Engineering xiaodong-wu@uiowa.edu
Dale Eric Wurster Professor Emeritus - Pharm Sci & Exper Therap dale-e-wurster@uiowa.edu
Junyi Xia Adjunct Assistant Professor - Radiation Oncology junyi-xia@uiowa.edu
Shaoping Xiao Associate Professor - Mechanical Engineering shaoping-xiao@uiowa.edu
Xian Jin Xie Associate Dean - Dental Research xianjin-xie@uiowa.edu
Sridhar Yaddanapudi Clinical Assistant Professor - Radiation Oncology sridhar-yaddanapudi@uiowa.edu
Tianbao Yang Associate Professor - Computer Science tianbao-yang@uiowa.edu
Tong Yao Professor - Finance tong-yao@uiowa.edu
Erliang Zeng Associate Professor - Dental Research erliang-zeng@uiowa.edu
You-Kuan Zhang Professor - Earth & Environmental Sciences you-kuan-zhang@uiowa.edu
Kang Zhao Associate Professor - Business Analytics kang-zhao@uiowa.edu
Xun Zhou Associate Professor - Business Analytics xun-zhou@uiowa.edu
Xueyu Zhu Assistant Professor - Mathematics xueyu-zhu@uiowa.edu
Dale Zimmerman Professor - Statistics and Actuarial Science dale-zimmerman@uiowa.edu
Graduate Student
Name Title(s) Email
Maryam Abdioskouei Temp Professional Employee - Global Region Environ Res maryam-abdioskouei@uiowa.edu
Maziyar Askari Karchegani Graduate Research Assistant - Electrical-Computer Engin maziyar-askari@uiowa.edu
Jason Bell jason-bell@uiowa.edu
Trang Dang UIHC Staff trang-dang@uiowa.edu
Daniel Goering daniel-goering@uiowa.edu
Gail I S Harmata Graduate Fellow - Graduate College-Admin & gail-harmata@uiowa.edu
Navid Jadidoleslam Graduate Research Assistant - IIHR Hydroscience Eng navid-jadidoleslam@uiowa.edu
John Kalantari john-kalantari@uiowa.edu
James D Kent Graduate Research Assistant - Psychological Brain Sci james-kent@uiowa.edu
Garrett W Larson garrett-larson@uiowa.edu
Jisoo Lee jisoo-lee@uiowa.edu
Yuanyang Liu Student - Unknown College ( ) - Graduate College-Admin & yuanyang-liu@uiowa.edu
Patrick T Lozier Hlth Sci/Clin - Clin qual saf & Perf impv patrick-lozier@uiowa.edu
Robert J Marini Application Developer - Otolaryngology-Head & Nec robert-marini@uiowa.edu
Amirmasoud Momenipour Student - Unknown College ( ) - Industrial Engineering amirmasoud-momenipour@uiowa.edu
Vu-Thuy T Nguyen Research Assistant - Internal Medicine thuy-v-nguyen@uiowa.edu
Barbara C Okeke Scholar/Trainee - Occup & Environ Health barbara-okeke@uiowa.edu
Eric Pahl Student - Graduate College eric-pahl@uiowa.edu
Andrew J Porter Student - Graduate College andrew-j-porter@uiowa.edu
Tri T Quang Graduate Research Assistant - Electrical-Computer Engin tri-quang@uiowa.edu
Hassan Rafique Graduate Teaching Assistant - Mathematics hassan-rafique@uiowa.edu
Tristan R Rensema Revenue Cycle Representative - Patient Financial Svcs tristan-rensema@uiowa.edu
John Jairo Rios Rodriguez Graduate Teaching Assistant - Business Analytics john-riosrodriguez@uiowa.edu
Brandon Schickling brandon-schickling@uiowa.edu
Muhammed Y Sermet Graduate Research Assistant - IIHR Hydroscience Eng muhammedyusuf-sermet@uiowa.edu
Negin Sobhani Temp Professional Employee - Global Region Environ Res negin-sobhani@uiowa.edu
Luiza Superti Pantoja Student - Unknown College ( ) - IDGP in Informatics luiza-supertipantoja@uiowa.edu
Enes Yildirim Graduate Research Assistant - IIHR Hydroscience Eng enes-yildirim@uiowa.edu
Zhiya Zuo Student - Unknown College ( ) - Business Analytics zhiya-zuo@uiowa.edu
Post-Doctoral Fellow
Name Title(s) Email
Allan M Andersen Assistant Professor - Psychiatry allan-andersen@uiowa.edu
Sanghun Choi Adjunct Assistant Professor - Mechanical Engineering sanghun-choi@uiowa.edu
Zhen Xu Postdoctoral Research Scholar - Medicine Administration zhen-xu@uiowa.edu
Name Title(s) Email
Kristopher J Ackerson Grant Development Manager - Public Policy Center kristopher-ackerson@uiowa.edu
Tim R Beachy Application Developer - Public Health Practice tim-beachy@uiowa.edu
Derek R Blanchette - Dental Research derek-blanchette@uiowa.edu
Henry J Bockholt Lead Application Developer - Psychiatry jeremy-bockholt@uiowa.edu
Michael S Chimenti Assoc Research Scientist/Engin - Inst for Human Genetics michael-chimenti@uiowa.edu
Mary C De La Garza Research Techology Director - State Archaeologist mary-delagarza@uiowa.edu
Lucy E Desjardin Adjunct Associate Professor - Epidemiology lucy-desjardin@uiowa.edu
Mitchell T Diedrich Student - College of Liberal Arts and Sciences - Inst for Vision Research mitchell-diedrich@uiowa.edu
John F Doershuk State Archaeologist - State Archaeologist john-doershuk@uiowa.edu
Steven R Fleagle Associate Vice President - CIO Office steve-fleagle@uiowa.edu
Lokesh Gakhar Mgr/Dir, Spec Srv Ctr/Facility - Medicine Administration lokesh-gakhar@uiowa.edu
David L Griffiths Senior Systems Administrator - Anesthesia david-griffiths@uiowa.edu
Oscar E Hernandez Murcia Application Developer - UI Technology Institute oscar-hernandezmurcia@uiowa.edu
Mackayla K Highly Adm Sup Fac - Marketing mackayla-highly@uiowa.edu
Parijat Joy Fellow Physician 5 Accredited - Internal Medicine parijat-joy@uiowa.edu
Alankar Kampoowale Application Developer - Hyg Lab - Other Support S alankar-kampoowale@uiowa.edu
Vicki R Kee Instructional Serv Specialist - Phar Practice and Science vicki-kee@uiowa.edu
Dave J Kelly Director of Technology Platform Services - Enterprise Infrastructure dave-kelly@uiowa.edu
Dawn M E Klein - Psychiatry dawn-m-klein@uiowa.edu
Aaron K Kline Director, Research Development Office - Research Development aaron-kline@uiowa.edu
Boyd M Knosp Associate Dean - Medicine Administration boyd-knosp@uiowa.edu
Spencer Kuhl Application Developer and Research Consultant spencer-kuhl@uiowa.edu
Richard J Langel Geologist - IIHR Hydroscience Eng richard-langel@uiowa.edu
Elizabeth Leake Research Support Specialist - Research Services elizabeth-leake@uiowa.edu
Kang Pyo Lee Lecturer - Business Analytics kangpyo-lee@uiowa.edu
Duhita Mahatmya Research Manager - Education - Administratio duhita-mahatmya@uiowa.edu
Sarah L Mascher Wallace Application Developer - Admin Information Systems smascher@uiowa.edu
Bradley D McDowell Research Specialist - Cancer Center bradley-mcdowell@uiowa.edu
Gokulakrishnan Murugesan Adjunct Lecturer - Business Analytics gokulakrishnan-murugesan@uiowa.edu
Marian V Muste Research Scientist/Engineer - IIHR Hydroscience Eng marian-muste@uiowa.edu
Richard A Ney Non-Employee - Utilities - FM Utilities richard-ney@uiowa.edu
Chris E Ortman Senior Application Developer - Informatics chris-ortman@uiowa.edu
Mark D Pendergast Manager, Quality Systems - Hygienic Laboratory - Beq mark-pendergast@uiowa.edu
Gabriella A Perez Sr Compliance & Education Spec - Research Services gabriella-perez@uiowa.edu
Sai Kumar Ramadugu Informatics Consultant saikumar-ramadugu@uiowa.edu
Ben Rogers Sr. Director - ITS, Associate Director - Informatics Services ben-rogers@uiowa.edu
Benjamin P Rogers Senior IT Director - Enterprise Infrastructure ben-rogers@uiowa.edu
Brittany B Ryan Research Support Coordinator - Research Development brittany-ryan@uiowa.edu
Sara Scheib Head, Scholarly Impact Department - HSS/Scholarly Impact/UE sara-scheib@uiowa.edu
Nicholas J Schnicker Assistant Director - Medicine Administration nicholas-schnicker@uiowa.edu
Adam M Skibbe Senior Systems Administrator - Clas Administration adam-skibbe@uiowa.edu
Chad A Slater-Scott Senior Application Developer - Anesthesia chad-slater-scott@uiowa.edu
Ramakrishna R Sompallae Assoc Research Scientist/Engin - Pathology rama-sompallae@uiowa.edu
Nicholas J Teff Employee/Affiliate - ompany 2 nicholas-teff@uiowa.edu
David M Thole Temp Professional Employee - Pharmacy david-thole@uiowa.edu
Steven J Tomblin Senior Application Developer - Admin Information Systems steven-tomblin@uiowa.edu
Samuel Van Horne samuel-vanhorne@uiowa.edu
Dagong Wang IT Director - Cbs-Admin Group dagong-wang@uiowa.edu
Brian Westra Data Services Manager - HSS/Scholarly Impact/UE brian-westra@uiowa.edu
Changhui Xu Senior Application Developer - Cbs-Admin Group changhui-xu@uiowa.edu
Xiaoguang Xu Asst Research Scientist/Engin - UI Technology Institute xiaoguang-xu@uiowa.edu
Qianjin Zhang Engineering & Informatics Librarian - Branch Libraries qianjin-zhang@uiowa.edu