A key initiative is the creation of a new “cluster” of approximately 20 informatics faculty under the UI3 Cluster Hire Initiative.  This is part of the Meeting the Grand Challenges of the 21st Century: The University of Iowa Cluster Hire Initiative

The first 6 new cluster faculty were hired in 2013/14, followed by 5 new faculty in 2014/15 and followed by 4 in 2015/16 academic year. 

To date 15 new informatics cluster faculty have been hired from 4 colleges and 8 departments [CLAS (Computer Science (3)), Statistics, GSS, Political Science); CoE (ECE, MIE, CBE, CEE); TCoB (2 in Management Science); CoPH (Biostatistics (2))] (using 14 of the 20 new cluster positions, as two positions were leveraged from other sources).  Commitments have also been made for additional recruitments in Computer Science (text analytics), Chemistry (Material Discovery), Biology, and CCoM (health informatics). Meet the new informatics faculty members.

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