Iowa Informatics Initiative (UI3) is a force to foster collaboration by participating in the community in various ways and forms. Below you will find the links for various activities planned and various groups/communities formed that indulge students, staff and faculty alike.

Informatics Research Community Meetings

Beginning April 2017 once in every two months, on fourth Thursday from 11 Am - 12 Pm, all the research support staff from across various colleges/institutes/departments meet informally and have pizza lunch and discuss about the latest research projects that some/all of us are working on with faculty/researchers. This provides us an opportunity to talk about the technologies being used for these projects and sometimes we find this as a venue for collaborations. The participating staff vary from Iowa Institute of Human Genetics, Iowa Social Science Research Center, Informatics Initiative, ITS- Research Services, Political Science, Digital Scholarship and Publishing Studio, Holden Comprehensive Cancer Research Center, Biostatistics Consulting Core, faculty from various departments in College of Public Health, Engineering, Liberal Arts & Sciences, Law, etc. 

Location: N512 CPHB
Time: Currently not scheduled.

Check the events calendar as these are created as events on the University Calendar.

Parallel Computing Club

Parallel computing club is an informal meeting of graduate, undergraduate students, post-doctoral scholars and faculty who are interested in a myriad of topics related to parallel computing but also encompass a broader gamut of topics including optimization and tuning, source code repository (GIT, GitHub), best practices for coding, research, documentation, etc. 

Location: UCC-2840 (Old Capitol Mall) 
Time: Every 4th Thursday of the Month from  3 - 4 Pm

Please check the events calendar each month for these events.

Research Computing Meeting

Research Computing Meeting is a conglomeration of IT staff from across the campus who support the research activities by providing infrastructure to researchers. Topics discussed are the support requests from faculty for new software/hardware and infrastructure, updates from various groups on the projects that are in collaboration with faculty/researchers.

Location: 438 Iowa Advanced Technological Laboratories (IATL)
Time: Every 2nd Tuesday of the Month from 10 Am - 11 Am

Informatics Days

The flagship event of Iowa Informatics Initiative (UI3) that consists of a showcase of the research happening across campus. The events include talks given by guest speakers from outside the UI as well as researchers within the UI campus. The first day includes talks, posters and small informatics fair, followed by the workshops on the second day.

You can see the speakers and topics for the past year's (2016) Informatics Days here.

The next Informatics Days (2017) is co-sponsored by the Theme Semester. 
For year 2017, the set date for the Informatics Days is Friday February 17. Please check Informatics Showcase website for information on schedule, registration and poster session.

National Strategic Computing Initiative 

In order to maximize the benefits of HPC for economic competitiveness and scientific discovery, the United States Government must create a coordinated Federal strategy in HPC research, development, and deployment.  Investment in HPC has contributed substantially to national economic prosperity and rapidly accelerated scientific discovery. Creating and deploying technology at the leading edge is vital to advancing my Administration's priorities and spurring innovation.  Accordingly, this order establishes the National Strategic Computing Initiative (NSCI).

There are a total of nine seminars left for year 2016 and 2017. 

Location: N512 CPHB
Time: 12 - 1 Pm

The entire seminar series schedule is available on Events calendar and more details are available on the HPC website at NSCI Seminar Series

Please email UI3 at if you are interested in participating any of the events or if you have ideas about community participation and would like to chat with us.