IGPI:7600/BIOS:7600 - Advanced Biostatistics Seminar

Instructor: Grant Brown

Current topics; supervised experience in reading and interpreting biostatistical literature. Offered spring semesters.


GEOG:1050 - Foundations of GIS

Instructor: Caglar Koylu

Introduction to concepts and methods associated with geographical information systems (GIS) technology; remote sensing, map making, data collection, and application of GIS to real-world problem solving.


GEOG:4580 - Introduction to Geographic Databases

Instructor: Caglar Koylu

Introduction to basic building blocks of spatial database design, spatial data models, structures, relationships, queries (SQL), indexing, and geoprocessing; design and construction of various types of spatial databases, including relational and big data approaches such as ArcGIS geodatabase, PostGIS/PostgreSQL, and MongoDB.


IE:3610 - Stochastic Modeling

Instructor: Amaury Lendasse

Fundamental probabilistic models and applications of industrial engineering; overview of probability and distributions, stochastic processes and Markov chains, queuing theory, inventory theory, decision theory under uncertainty, and elements of risk management.


IE:4172 - Big Data Analytics

Instructor: Amaury Lendasse

Principles of data mining and machine learning in context of big data; basic data mining principles and methods—pattern discovery, clustering, ordering, analysis of different types of data (sets and sequences); machine learning topics including supervised and unsupervised learning, tuning model complexity, dimensionality reduction, nonparametric methods, comparing and combining algorithms; applications of these methods; development of analytical techniques to cope with challenging and real "big data" problems; introduction to MapReduce, Hadoop, and GPU computing tools (Cuda and OpenCL).


IGPI:5710/BIOS:5710 - Biostatistical Methods I

Instructor: Daniel Sewell

Probability distributions, moments, estimation, parametric and nonparametric inference for one-sample and two-sample problems, analysis of frequency data; emphasis on use of computers; designed for first-year biostatistics majors. Offered fall semesters.


IGPI:4540/STAT:4540 - Statistical Learning

Instructor: Sanvesh Srivastava

Introduction to supervised and unsupervised statistical learning, with a focus on regression, classification, and clustering; methods will be applied to real data using appropriate software; supervised learning topics include linear and nonlinear (e.g., logistic) regression, linear discriminant analysis, cross-validation, bootstrapping, model selection, and regularization methods (e.g., ridge and lasso); generalized additive and spline models, tree-based methods, random forests and boosting, and support-vector machines; unsupervised learning topics include principal components and clustering.


CS:3330 - Algorithms

Instructor: Tianbao Yang

Algorithm design techniques (e.g., greedy algorithms, divide-and-conquer, dynamic programming, randomization); fundamental algorithms (e.g., basic graph algorithms); techniques for efficiency analysis; computational intractability and NP-completeness.


MSCI:3200 - Database Management

Instructor: Xun Zhou

Design and implementation of a database using relational DBMS; emphasis on issues of logical and physical design, database administration, concurrency control, maintenance.


MSCI:6110 - Big Data Management and Analytics

Instructor: Xun Zhou

Introduction to advanced techniques for managing and analyzing "big" data; non-relational data models, such as semi-structured (e.g., XML) and unstructured (e.g., key-value) data; state-of-the-art big data tools for non-relational data management, such as noSQL databases and distributed databases (e.g., Hadoop); query languages such as HIVE; design and implementation of data analysis methods on these platforms; through exercises and course projects, students will be trained to use the tools introduced to implement analysis tasks on big data sets.


JMC:2300 - Principles of Journalism

Instructor: Daniel Lathrop

Understanding changes in American journalism; including factors driving this change, orientation to the contemporary landscape of journalism, and making educated guesses about the near-term future of journalism; reflection on distinctive public service mission of journalism and its adaptation to the digital age.


JMC:3400 - Specialized Reporting and Writing

Instructor: Daniel Lathrop

Topics may include public affairs, law, science, business, medicine, intercultural affairs, education, computer-assisted reporting.


MSCI:3500 - Data Mining

Instructor: Tong Wang

Introduction to predictive analytics methods motivated by problems in operations, marketing, finance and accounting; data and text mining techniques, including classification, clustering, and association analysis.


CS:3620 - Operating Systems

Instructor: Omar Chowdhury

Introduction to modern operating systems, including device control, memory management and addressing, process scheduling, interprocess communication, interrupts, synchronization, security.


POLI:3127 - Legislative Policy Seminar

Instructor: Bryce Dietrich

Policy research for the Iowa Legislature.


POLI:7003 - Advanced Methodology

Instructor: Bryce Dietrich

Introduction to regression techniques for limited dependent and qualitative variables in political science; logit, probit, multinomial logit and probit, ordered logit and probit, event history models, event count models; emphasis on understanding how and when to apply these models.