Dear colleagues,

Happy spring! Following are a few “seeds of innovation” that germinated at the Iowa Informatics Initiative (UI3) while we waited for the ice and snow to melt. The March 27 edition was the first of what I hope will be many “UI3 Quarterly” newsletters.

It featured highlights from the February 15 UI3 Symposium that was organized by UI3 and the Iowa Artificial Intelligence Initiative (AII). Given our experience with past symposia, we expected to draw 50-80 attendees; a smaller crowd given February’s inclement weather, but 208 registered! The College of Public Health Building, in general, and UI3 facilities on the fifth floor of CHPB offered the perfect backdrop for the poster session and luncheon. Next in queue for this venue is the Computational Psychiatry Symposium on April 24.

It’s always exciting to see how interdisciplinary synergies conceive meaningful discoveries, and it’s especially thrilling when the ripple effect is felt around the world. The Abràmoff (IDx-DR; UI3 AI Symposium Keynote), Dogan (Cardio Diagnostics; UI3 AI Symposium poster) and Pahl-Schaull (TXP-Chat; UI3 IGPI Student) examples are especially noteworthy. While there are many more such startups taking root in the region, these three, alone, have created ~80 Johnson County Iowa jobs. They are making important contributions to the health and wellbeing of people everywhere while building a local technical workforce that will help the university, state and country remain globally competitive.

There are now 20 UI3 Cluster Faculty, 44 students are enrolled in the Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Informatics (IGPI), and 260 UI3 Affiliates represent every department on campus. With this and future UI3 Quarterly editions, we look forward to sharing additional news about UI3 stakeholder achievements. If you didn't receive a spring newsletter, please register with the UI3 Affiliates program so you will be on our mailing list in the future. 


Gregory Carmichael, UI3 Director

Karl Kammermeyer Professor of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
UI College of Engineering

UI3 Director Greg Carmichael (right) with Cluster Faculty Member Ibrahim Demir. Photo by Kirk Phillips (UI College of Public Health).

Ibrahim Demir (left) and Greg Carmichael