Master of Science (M.S.) Program in Bioinformatics


PDF iconAcademic MS Bioinformatics Plan of Study

Please check the Manual of Rules and Regulations of the Graduate College for a complete description of the M.S. guidelines and requirements of the Graduate College. The requirements described here are in addition to the university-wide requirements for master’s degrees.

The M.S. program in the Bioinformatics subprogram offers an M.S. non-thesis option and requires completion of a minimum of 30 course semester hours beyond the bachelor’s degree, consisting of 12 hours of core Bioinformatics coursework, 1 seminar hour in Bioinformatics, 2 hours in Independent Study (Capstone) coursework, and 6 hours in Grad Statistics coursework. The remaining 6 hours consist of electives selected in consultation with the student’s advisor.

Advising: Students will be assigned an academic faculty advisor upon admission to the program.

Committee: A 3-member committee will consist of the academic faculty advisor and 2 other program-affiliated members selected by the advisor.