Informatics_iconInformatics has a long history at the University of Iowa.  In late 2012 Vice President for Research and Economic Development Dan Reed and Provost Barry Butler charged a task force to assess the informatics landscape and provide recommendations.  A summary of that effort can be found here.

   Based on those recommendations, Provost Butler and Vice President Reed developed the Iowa Informatics Initiative as described to the Deans.

   In October, Provost Butler announced a cluster hire in Informatics and assembled a steering committee to help guide the process.  The members of the steering committee can be found here and the announcement of the cluster hire can be found here here.

   The steering committee is just getting started but has already received more than 50 proposals for faculty positions.  Those will be reviewed by the committee as quickly as possible with a tentative timeline of providing recommendations to the Provost in the spring. The steering committee will also be forming two subcommittees.  The first will focus on curricular issues and will be co-chaired by Joe Kearney and John Keller.  The second will be co-chaired by Richard Smith and Steve Fleagle and will focus on support services for the informatics initiative.

   There are many discussions that have to take place about informatics and the steering committee is working on a plan to engage the campus.  In the meantime, you should feel free to contact anyone on the committee and watch this space for developments.